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Crystal Wolshin has been fighting a malignant brain tumor for the past 10 years, and is about to under go her fourth brain surgery.

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Introduction ~ Crystal Wolshin

Crystal was born and raised on the island of Kauai where she continues to live. She was a sophomore in high school when she discovered she had a brain tumor. The doctors were shocked at the size and complexity of the tumor, they gave her approximately 6-8 months to live. Within four days, Crystal was flown to Oahu, where she had her first open brain surgery. The doctors discovered that she had one of the rarest types of brain tumors, cancerous and aggressive.

Over the last 10 years, Crystal has had many surgeries, from leading  brain surgeons and neurologists in the nation, one being the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. In addition to brain surgery Crystal has undergone two different forms of chemotherapy treatments. She has suffered daily from seizures, emotional, and physical problems. Crystal having been hospitalized numerous times is a living testimony to her faith in God and her desire that God would use her to bring people to the savior Jesus Christ. Crystal’s life calling is that the people she meets and her loved ones would come into a living relationship with God through his son. Her strength to survive can be attributed to her faith in God, her loving family and friends, and her "never give up" attitude. Truly a walking miracle, Crystal loves life and loves others as she is constantly putting others before her and is always more concerned of the suffering of others before herself.

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Crystal, from West Palm Beach, Florida, we send our love and best wishes your way!

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God Bless

Updates for Crystal W.

~ Update: June 17 ~

Words from Her Sister

There’s never a perfect time for anything, perfection is not part of human nature.

The perfect way to let a loved one go? There is no way but Gods.

Losing a loved one to him isn’t easy, isn’t what I imagined it to be.

Her presence on earth has come to an end, but her journey in heaven has just begun.

She is too young, yes, but now she is young forever. Crystal always said with joy, “you know in heaven, you never get old.”

So cheers to youth, to heaven, to our mighty God, to my beloved angel Crystal.

To this journey she has took us on, without it I don’t know who I’d be.

I’ll continue to strive to be half as great as She, and will hold her so close to my heart, she’ll never miss a beat.”

With love, Kandace Wolshin

~ Update: June 16 ~

Crystal will forever be in our hearts

10.3.87 – 5.5.14

On the behalf of my Mom, Dad and I we’d like to thank you all for your constant love and support through these difficult times.

Many of you knew crystal on a personal level and some did not, regardless she has found away to touch us all. Her mission in life was to know God and to make him known.

Crystal was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 15. It wasn’t easy for my family and I to acknowledge the severity of it until the first surgery. When they weren’t able to get the majority of the tumor out “turning her into a vegetable”, I was terrified, I was 11 wondering why God would do this to me sister.

It was that year Crystal became Closer to God, surrendering to Him.

She was full of life, radiant in everything she did. Everyone she came across wanted to help her, pray for her, but Crystal wanted the opposite. She wanted to touch them, pray for them. It was then that I started calling her my Hero, My inspiration. Last month I flew home to be with her knowing it could be the last time. From the moment I got to hospital I was terrified to leave her side. The hardest part was not knowing, when or if she’d open her eyes one last time.

They told us everyday/today could be the day. Even in her weakest hours her Faith persevered. I watch her visitors come in day after day, each person left touched by her sprit. Being in her presence was overwhelmingly beautiful, you could feel the angels watching over her, over us. Every day I remind myself that today is a happy day, that my tears are of joy, that she’s where she so longed to be.

I wouldn’t change anything, but to hear her laugh one more time would mean so much to me. Every time I laugh I will look up, and know she is laughing with me, every time I’m scared I’ll know she is here with me.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, scared what it will be like without having her here. I’ve learned through this journey to never let Fear overcome Love, my love for crystal is everlasting.

Update ~ 5.2.14

Crystal has been with hospice since April 22nd. She has not eaten or been drinking any fluids for 6 days now. She has been in a deep sleep 98 percent of the time. However, She is very aware of her surroundings and can hear anyone and everyone in her presence. She still has strength in her right hand and continues to tell us that she loves us through hand squeezes. We thank you all for the continued prayer and support. We can feel God’s presence in her room. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to hold her hand through this. As hard as it is we thank God for giving us these last precious moments with her.

With love, Crystals family x

Update ~ 9.26.13

Its’ been non-stop for Crystal the past 3 months, as she continues to fighting this brain tumor more so than ever. After a long week in intensive care, Crystal was admitted to the Rehab floor, where they would evaluate her for a month to see what her level of weakness is.

The doctors did recommend hospice, after a month if they didn’t see progress . As a family we said hospice is our last resort, and we aren’t ready to go forward with it. Therefore we opted to have Crystal in short-term rehab. With 9 weeks, Crystal was in and out of the ER suffering from Grand Ball Seizures. Crystal would progress drastically with her mobility after a solid week of Rehab, but then suffer from yet again another seizure, which would lead her back to a very weak state. After 9 weeks, the doctors told my family and I she was in no condition to go home, nor leave rehab. She is now in Full-Care Rehab at Wilcox hospital.

Please note, she is still smiling more than ever and is happy to be apart of this foundation, it brings her great joy!

As her sister, I have to say Crystal being in Rehab has been the biggest blessing, as she has 24/7 care, and unlimited visitors. She gets to wake up everyday knowing she has an opportunity to get stronger in physical therapy (5 days a week) . Her Tuesday night bible study relocated to the hospital where, they can study and worship. She gets to tend church every Sunday morning at the hospital, and plays BINGO every Thursday! Her life had change drastically but as family we will never loose faith and know miracles do happen.

We thank everyone for unconditional love and support through Crystals journey.


With love Kandace, Crystal, Rhonda, and Steve.


Update ~ 6.24.13

Thank you for taking the  time to read about Crystal and her fight against cancer.

On Saturday June 22nd Crystal was admitted to Wilcox hospital after having a “grand mal seizure”, where Crystal was incoherent for several hours, loosing her speech and all mobility on her left side. Crystal has been recovering at the hospital with 24/7 care, and is slowly starting to speak with clarity, and becoming aware of her surroundings. Crystal is very weak and nauseous and continues to experience an ongoing headache with a high fever. All side effects are relevant to the growth of the tumor. Her last MRI showed the tumor having spread in several areas. She had started chemotherapy in hopes to stop the growth 2 months ago; post 6th surgery in Arizona. Chemo had an opposite affect on her body, leaving her extremely weak, unable to walk on her own, and depressing her immune system dramatically.

The doctors have been continually assessing Crystal and her situation as she is at high risk for meningitis, or a brain infection. Presenting our family with devastating news, they have explained to us that she is in no condition to have anymore surgeries nor can she continue chemotherapy with little hope it will stop the growth of the tumor. My family and I are praying for a miracle keeping in faith.  As a family we have chosen “Quality of life” over any type of invasive treatment. Going forward Crystal will need 24/7 care and if and when she gets well enough she will need Physical Therapy. Unfortunately, her insurance is limited on what it can cover once she is released from the hospital. We will need to start raising funds to afford a 24/7 home caretaker who is a certified nurse. We appreciate any help from you to help our family with any other medical expenses that she may occur. If you are unable to donate money, please don’t hesitate to send her a card, write on her page, being a part of her fight against cancer and last but not least pray pray pray that our lord Jesus savior of the world will heal my big sister!!!

With Great Love  in Jesus the Wolshin family  Kandace(Younger sister ) Steve (Furcat) and Rhonda (best mom ever)